This is a grass seed that we removed from in between a dog’s toes!

Grass seed injuries are very common in the warmer months and can often be found in ears, feet and sometimes eyes. The grass seed is needle-like in shape and can cause a lot of discomfort!

Common symptoms include head shaking, ear scratching and paw licking.

If you notice your cat or dog has any of these signs give us a call for some advice.

Grass seed at Abbey Vets removed from dog's paw

I want to say a huge THANK YOU for sorting Rossi out today at the Chaddesden branch. He’s now asleep recovering from having a grass seed removed from his ear


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June is Rabbit Awareness Month!

During June we are offering a FREE MOT with a nurse, 15% off boosters, 10% off rabbit products and 10% off any operations booked in June!


Happy easter to all our clients and their pets