Blue, and his brother Ray, came to see our vet Catherine for castration and “BOAS” surgery.

“BOAS” stands for brachycephalic obstruction airway syndrome, and is the group of problems that affect short nose breeds such as Pugs, French Bulldogs. This generally includes very narrow nostrils (so that the dogs often can’t breathe through their nose as dogs normally do, putting them at risk of overheating), a long soft palate (the fleshy part at the back of the throat, which is so long in these dogs it often obstructs the trachea) amongst other things.

Both the boys were castrated, and then had a section removed from each nostril to make them much more open and easier to breathe through. They also had their long soft palate shortened.

Photos show Blue’s nostrils before he is anaesthetised and then immediately post surgery (whilst still under anaesthetic).

Dog Blue at Abbey Vets in for BOAS surgery
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