As shops are starting to open back up, and some of the lockdown rules are being relaxed from the 4th July we wanted to update our clients as to how things are working at Abbey Vets, and also explain why we are still keeping our doors closed to clients.

* Please bring a mobile phone with you to your appointment and ring inform us of your arrival in the car park
* We will obtain your pets history, and discuss treatment options in the car park with you
* Examinations of pets will be carried out in the practice, clients are not entering the practice
* Payment will be obtained over the phone by card (prior to any medication being dispensed)

It is extremely difficult for us to be able to social distance from our colleagues, even with the new guidance of 1 meter, as we need to be closer than this to hold animals for examinations, administer medications etc.

We see many clients on a day to day basis – each vet can see 20-30 clients per day (even more if each pet brings more than one human with them!) The space in our consulting and waiting rooms is limited and means we cannot social distance from owners in these spaces.

Our consultations are 15 minutes (sometimes longer!) meaning we would be in a confined space with owners for a prolonged period.

We do not currently feel that we can maintain the safety of our staff or clients by allowing clients back into the practice at this stage. Ultimately, we need to ensure our staff stay safe and well so we can continue to provide the service you need for your pets.

Track and Trace also means that we risk multiple staff members having to be off if one person became ill, which would severely affect our ability to provide the service you need.

We are also very aware that many of our clients are vulnerable and at increased risk and we don’t want to be risk to them due to the volume of people that we will be seeing day to day.

For this reason, we will be continuing to keep our doors closed for a bit longer, but we are regularly reassessing the situation. We also want to reassure everyone that all the pets we have been seeing recently have been very relaxed and well behaved, and seem very appreciate of all the extra cuddles they are getting from our staff, and do not appear to be fazed at all by our new ways of working. We want to thank our clients for their patience and cooperation.

Dr Catherine Needham BSc(Hons) BVetMed MRCVS
Clinical Director
Abbey Veterinary Group

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