This is sleepy Sydney the Samoyed. He was in at our Chellaston surgery having a routine castration.

A few days later he is at home modelling some doggie pants which he much prefers to the “cone of shame”

It is important to have your dog castrated as this significantly reduces the chance of them getting prostate disease and also reduces the risk of some cancers.

An unneutered dog is more likely to show aggression towards other dogs and will often roam more trying to find the scent of a bitch.

Some people worry that their dogs personality will change or that they will put weight on – you may see a slight fall in certain behaviour i.e roaming, mounting, fighting, or spraying urine, if exercised and fed correctly weight gain is less likely to happen.

samoyed sydney at Abbey vets
samoyed sydney at Abbey vets

Both my dogs (male & female ) wore these post neutering. Made the recovery process a lot less stressful and kept the wound area clean. (Dog’s surgery suits, Amazon.)

Advice from client Mary

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