This is Molly, she came in to see one of the vets as she was generally unwell and not eating after her season.

We performed an ultrasound scan which revealed she had a Pyometra (infected uterus). Molly then had surgery and was spayed.

If Molly had been spayed when she was younger this condition would have been avoidable. Molly’s owner had not wanted to put her through an anaesthetic when she was younger but now wishes she had so Molly wouldn’t have had to go through the surgery as an older dog.

Spaying a young, healthy dog is a much safer and quicker procedure, you can see from the photos included than difference in size between a normal uterus and Molly’s infected uterus.

Molly is doing much better since and is back to her old self enjoying her food again.

abnormal uterus from a pyometra dog spay at abbey vets
dog in kennel at abbey vets
normal uterus from a routine dog spay at abbey vets

Bless her glad she’s on the road to recovery. I know how the owner of Molly was about anaesthetic I was the same but I went ahead with it when ours was 3.

It was heartbreaking but it was in her interest xx give a hug to Molly x


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