This is Matilda aka Tilly she came into our Chellaston surgery because she was gagging and retching.

We were struggling to see anything whilst she was conscious so we gave her some sedation so we could have a better look.

On examination our vet Catherine could see a blade of grass at the back of her throat and was able to remove it with forceps.

Given the size of the blade of grass we are not surprised Tilly struggled to cough it up herself.

cat Tilly with blade of grass that she choked on at Abbey vets

I’ve had this happen to my cat twice now!! I think it was pampas grass so have chopped it down!!!

Advice from client Maggie

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*Coronavirus Update*

*Coronavirus Update*

As shops are starting to open back up, and some of the lockdown rules are being relaxed from the 4th July we wanted to update our clients as to how things are working at Abbey Vets, and also explain why we are still keeping our doors closed to clients